(Cichorium intybus)

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Hardy perennial of the uncultivated places from 0,30 to 1 meter of of which one uses leaves and roots.

Chicory's roots are dried, roasted and mixed with coffee to accentuate its bitterness. Cultivated and forced in the dark it gives endives. Out of infusion chicory helps liver, heals digestive disorders and has a diuretic effect. Out of cataplasm it can be applied on furoncles and abscesses.
Also : Constipation, oliguria, oedemas, dyspepsia, weakness.
In external use : Dermatosis, eczema.

Decoction : One tablespoon of leaves or chopped roots for a cup of water, boil 5 minutes ; 1 cup before each meal.

Depurative syrup; 500g of fresh root juice, filter, add 500g of sugar, cook over a low heat until syrupy; 3 teaspoons per day.

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Common chicory, Cichorium intybus, blue sailors, succory, coffeeweed, endive, radicchio, Belgian endive, French endive, red endive, sugarloaf or witloof.