(Viscum album)

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Caution the white berries are toxic
Sub-shrub from 0,20 to 0,50 m which parasitizes the trees of which one uses them leaves.

For the druids it was a magic plant, they used it to heal epilepsy. Mistletoe reduces blood pressure and regularizes heartbeat rythme. Anxiolytic and hypnotic with low dose it relieves anxiety, headache, stimulates the concentration. Infusion of mistletoe leaves has the reputation to be the natural remedy of hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
Also : Gout, albuminuria, nephritis, haemorrhages, epilepsy.
In external use : Rheumatic pains, chilblain.

Decoction : One or two sprinkling of leaves for one cup of water, boil than infuse for 10 minutes ; 2 cups a day between the meals.

Cataplasm of leaves and fruits to calm rheumatic pains.

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Viscum album, European Mistletoe, Common Mistletoe