(Lavandula officinalis)

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Vigorous plant of the sunny grounds of Mediterranean area from 0,30 to 0,60 m of which one uses flowers.

Out of infusion against affections of respiratory tracts, lavender is disinfectant and antispasmodic in case of influenza, cough, asthma.
Also : Nervousness, anxiety, fever, insomnia, oliguria, giddiness.
In external use : Pruritus, cutaneous lesions, leucorrea, mouth bath, care of the hair, burns, eczema, tinea.

Infusion : One spoonful for one cup of boiling water, let infuse 10 minutes ; 4 cups a day.

fumigation : One handful for one liter of boiling water.

Dry eczema : One handful of lavender in one liter of olive oil in a bowl, to be placed 2 hours in boiling water , let macerate all the night, filter, to be applied on dry eczema.

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