(Eucalyptus globulus)

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Tree from 25 to 30 m in the Mediterranean area of which one uses the leaves.

Eucalyptus is efficient on both respiratory tracts (asthma, bronchitis), biliary infections and urinary tracts infections. It is febrifuge.
Also : Asma
And in external use : Wounds, insect bites, care of the hair, hoarseness (gargles), sinusitis (inhalations).

Infusion : 4 to 5 leaves for one cup of boiling water, let infuse 10 minutes ; 5 cups a day.

In one liter of red wine, let macerate 30 g of leaves during 15 days, add 50 g of sugar and filter.

In inhalation or for washing the wounds, 1 handful of leaves for one liter of water, boil 10 minutes.

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Tasmanian Blue Gum, Southern Blue Gum or Blue Gum, (Eucalyptus globulus)