(Rumex crispus)

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curled dock.jpg Plant of the waste lands, edge of the ways growing to 0,90 m of which one uses the dried leaves and roots.

Blood-cleansing, used for chronic diseases of the skin and liver. Curled dock is slightly laxative, stimulates the secretion of bile and the stimulates intestines.
Also : Weaken, rheumatisms, constipation.
And of external use : Scabs, ulcers, dermatosis, abscess, psoriasis.

Out of infusion : 20 g of crushed root for 1 liter of water, boil 2 minutes, let infuse 10 minutes ; to drink in two days.

In external use : Fresh root pulp applied on ulcers. Cataplasms of flowers and leaves on scabs, abscess, dermatosis.

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Rumex crispus, Curly Dock, Yellow Dock