(Centaurium erythraea)

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Bi-annual plant up to 1500 m from 0,10 to 0,50 m high of which one uses the flowered tops.

Centaury is tonic febrifuge and facilitates digestion. Also used in case of hepatic insufficiency and convalescence.
In external use : Ulcerate varicose, wounds, hair fall.

Infusion : 15 g for one liter of water ; 2 cups a day between the meals.

Decoction 50 g for one liter of water in lotion or compress for wounds, hair loss, varicose, ulcers.

Infusion; 15g for 1 liter; 2 cups a day between the meals.

Decoction; 50g for 1 liter in lotion or compress on the wounds, hair loss, varicose ulcers.

Wine; 60g of plant for 1 liter of white wine with some geniper berries, macerate during 8 days, filter, put sugar in; 1 glass before the meals

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Centaurium erythraea, common centaury, European centaury.